Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Armenians

San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to Q Hye


Q-Hye is the San Francisco Bay Area's Armenian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The "Q" stands for Queer in celebration of our diversity and difference, and "Hye" is what Armenians call themselves.

All too often Armenian LGBT grow up in communities that are unable to understand and support them. In many cases Armenian LGBT leave their communities to find more supportive environments thus separating themselves from their Armenian heritage and roots. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and safe space where Armenian LGBT, their families and friends can freely express their thoughts, opinions and integrate the two identities. Though we are primarily a social group though we welcome opportunities to organize around causes that impact our lives.

Q-Hye's first meeting took place in a restaurant in San Francisco in November 2000. Since then we have continued to meet on a monthly basis, generally on the first weekend of the month. There are a number of Armenian LGBT groups around the world today. The largest and possibly oldest group, Gay and Lesbian Armenian Society of Los Angeles (GALAS), was established in 1998. Armenian queers have organized around the world from Armenia to Boston, Sydney to London, Toronto to Paris to affirm and integrate our queerness with our Armenian identity.

We often meet at each other's homes, sharing Armenian delicacies, conversation and music. We also meet in restaurants, go on hikes, go to Armenian community events and the annual commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on Mount Davidson. We have participated in the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade since 2001 and consider Pride the highlight of our year when we get to dance Shourchbar (Armenian circle dancing) down Market Street.

We encourage all Armenian queers and their families to contact us, attend our gatherings and share their own experiences.

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